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Book'u Counter

Book'u Counter helps you keep track of your visitors. You can make accurate calculations of visitor flows. It's a great tool for any type of event, venue or store!




Account creation

Register the locations you want to track via the Book'u Counter app. Add your preferences and in one minute you are ready to go.

Login code

After registration you receive a counter code. Use it to log on and start counting. The code is unique and linked to your location.

Easy Counter

Track your visitor flows with an easy + and - counter. The app can be used by different counters at the same time.

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We provide you with detailed reports. Administrators can log on to the Book'u counter website. The daily report cointains: total counts, exceedance, counters, graphs...

Admin login

Administrators can login in the app. At all times they can change the settings of their favorite locations.


Start. Counting. Now.

Download the latest version of the Book'u Counter app here. 
Available for Android and IOS, completely free! 

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About Book'u

Book'u offers a centralized solution to plan permanent, temporary and flexible staff. 
We simplify people planning and reduce administration by linking to interim offices and payroll agencies. Our software is the middleman between employees, employers and payroll companies.

By using Book'u, companies can save up to 60% of their management time and avoid expensive mistakes in payroll.Book'u is a must-have for all employers with challenging staff schedules. 

Book'u developed 'Book'u Counter App' during the COVID-19 crisis. The tool was designed to keep track of the visitiors in your store, venue or event. The app can be downloaded for free (IOS and Android).


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